Photo Name Position Phone Ext Email
SMITH-DREW-239 Drew Smith Senior Pastor 1121 email
Dennis Hall Assistant Pastor of Worship & Witness 1122 email
BEHNKEN-MARK-233 Mark Behnken Organist …. email
Shannon Caton Director of 3C’s Nursery School 1146 email
CHAPMAN-CHAPPIE-188 Harold Chapman Parish Associate 1127 email
CHAPMAN-CHAPPIE-188 Marybelle Chapman Mission Coordinator 1127 email
FISCHER-GREGORY-217 Greg Fischer Facility Manager 1162 email
HEMSATH-MICHELLE-150 Michelle Hemsath Scheduling . Hospitality 1123 email
Robyn Hubbuch Director of Children and Families 1112 email
HILL-MIKE-199 Mike Hill Custodian 205-8844 email
Mike Jorgensen Assistant Pastor of Families and Church Planting Resident 1142 email
Heather Lethander Finance . Human Resources 1119 email
MCKINNEY-ALAN-25 Alan McKinney Sound Technician ….. email
Michael Parker Choir Director email
ROUTZON-SAM-54 Sam Routzon Worship . Communications 1125 email
SCHNEIDER-JEANNE-210 Jeanne Schneider Director of Care and Counseling 1160 email
STARE-BARRY-271b Sam Stare Denominational Liaison and Archivist 1147 email
STIFEL-JOHN-262 John Stifel Custodian 240-3621 email