Day 1: John 1:1-3

I love to look at the night sky.   I know I’m not alone in this.   Whether its laying down and watching for the streaks of meteors across the sky, looking for the patterns men have seen for ages – the Big Dipper, or various people and animals, or wondering what this or that bright star is, its always causes me to stop and think.  Part of it is the quiet.   It’s so vast.  It’s so strange that I’m looking at the very same points of light that people gazed at 2000+ years ago.  The night sky raises lots of questions.   

These verses in John 1 answer lots of these questions for me (or at least provide great clues to the answers!).   “All things were made through him, without him nothing was made that has been made.”  This sentence declares answers: God existing long before the creation.  The relational aspect of the Trinity has always been and is inherent (“the Word was with God”).  And Jesus is fully God.  He is the reason there is “something” rather than nothing.  Jesus is the agent who set all creation in motion.  So many answers are packed into these 3 verses if we read them carefully.

I find it both awesome and reassuring that the God we worship and serve is so much greater than all this world around us.  This certainly must be true, since he brought it all into being.  There are so many ways we can see his greatness if we look at creation through the same eyes we use to look at the night sky.   We see the power of the Jesus in the mighty waves of the ocean.   Creation speaks to his inherent beauty as we see the mountains.  It speaks to his genius and care in the intricate workings of the smallest parts of cells in our bodies and inner workings of our organs that give us life.   While we experience brokenness in the world almost continuously, it seems important to see the underlying majesty and beauty of His creation.

Question:  Are there ways you miss opportunities to pepper your conversations with an appreciation of the God’s creation?  Our culture loves to complain and to see the dark side of life.   Yet we are surrounded by this glorious creation – nature, the intricacies of our bodies, the beauty.   Can you help others see His creation in ways that bring God glory in your everyday conversations?

Prayer: “Lord, who am I before such a great creator?  Yet you have declared your love for me.   Help me to rejoice and appreciate how your creation brings you glory.  Help me to know, Jesus that through your love you created everything.”