Day 10: John 3:31-36

John the Baptist has a reputation for bluntness.  His preaching style is very different from Jesus’.  Jesus can be quite direct, certainly, but he usually meets people where they are, using stories and metaphors they can connect to. Then he leads them forward from there.

John the Baptist is like God’s Batman; he punches people with the truth.  Here’s what is coming – WHACK!  This is what you got wrong – SMACK!  Here’s what you must do – POW!  ‘Cause if you don’t, here’s your reward – ZAP!

His own disciples were upset that John’s followers were going over to Jesus. So he bluntly lays it out: That’s how it’s supposed to be. I’m just from earth.  Jesus is bringing God’s word as an eyewitness… from Heaven! No one will believe him. But if they do, it’s only because of God, and that just confirms what he said in the first place. There is no limit to what Jesus can do. This guy is God’s Son!  Believe it!  If you do, you’ll have eternal life.  If you don’t, you won’t.  KA-ZOW!

Admittedly, these folks, God’s chosen people – the Hebrews – are supposed to know better. So maybe a kick in the shins is appropriate.

QUESTIONS: When were you last kicked in the spiritual shins? What was the outcome?

PRAYER: Jesus, it hurts, but I admit that – too often – I need a spiritual shin-kicking.  Bless me with Godly people who love me enough to give them. Grant me your humility, Lord, so that I’m filled with gratitude for those bruises.