Day 12: John 4:46-54

Jesus grew up in Galilee, and the people who knew him did not believe he could be a prophet. Prophets were supposed to be mysterious holy men from somewhere else, not the neighbor’s little boy. But in Galilee, there is one person who seeks Jesus out to perform a miracle. He is an unnamed official. We do not know if he was Jewish or Gentile, but when Jesus challenges his faith, he responds with only a plea. His need is greater than his doubts.

Jesus heals the official’s son, despite the official’s limited faith. In response to this miracle, the official’s entire household believe. They become some of the few believers in Galilee.

We also have expectations of what a prophet should be and where a prophet should come from. The Spirit does not need to respect our expectations. Our need for the Holy Spirit’s healing is greater than the limits we place on him by our expectations. God in his grace can heal us anyway from unexpected sources and in unexpected ways.

Question: What are the things you long for that you have been afraid God can’t do for you? Can you trust him like the Galilean official did?

Prayer: Lord, show me where my faith in you has been too weak. Give me the faith to trust you with my deepest needs and longings. Heal me where I have been afraid no one could.