Day 16: John 6:16-21

The Sea of Galilee is 650 feet below the sea level, 150 feet deep, and surrounded by hills. These physical features make it subject to sudden windstorms that cause extremely high waves. The disciples were terrified, it was already dark, Sea arose and it was near death so to say. And they saw Jesus walking on the sea (like a ghost) and they were afraid.

Overcoming fear is one great battle that many of us struggle with. Fear looks people on the face: fear of not knowing what is going on; fear of an important decision; fear of a heavy stroke of fate, losing a spouse, losing a job, an illness; fear of a vice that one can no longer resist, to which one is enslaved; fear of disgrace; fear of retirement; fear of dying; and various kind of circumstances that terrifies believers, such that make us see Jesus as a ghost, not as the Lord.

Fear isolates us from people we love, friends, family and church fellowship. It separates us from the presence of God and robs us of our relationship with one another and with God. Fear is a spiritual and social evil that has caused divisions in the church and robbed our nation of its blessing.

In the journey of life, faith and fear do not travel together on the same boat. In the midst of every situation where there is no way out, where nothing is clear, where it is our fault, God stands above all. “It is I; don’t be afraid”. It is Jesus Christ, who calms the storms of life. He alone is the Lord over fear. He gives victory to those who call upon Him. Keep Jesus before your eyes, and experience His holy presence within you. Invite Jesus Christ in your boat, fear will shrink, and waves subside.

Question: Is there some challenge ahead that you feel inadequate to face?

Prayer: Almighty God, in the midst of my uncertainty, I call upon you to save me from fear of unknown. Deliver me from the sin of fear, that I may acknowledge you in my life and in the power of your greatness. You walk on the water, to save your disciples, walk through me to wash away everything that stands on my way to eternal life.


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  1. Wow – I have never looked at this passage like this. The concept that our fear causes Jesus to appear as a ghost, as unreal and without power over our surroundings is very powerful.

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