Day 18: John 6: 22-36


Jesus, the Bread of Life

Here, we see the crowd still following Jesus. Many of them were fed abundantly by the few loaves and fishes and they want more. In this section, Jesus tells them “I am the bread of life”. A while back I did an RC Sproul study on the “I Am” statements that Jesus made. Jesus stated “I AM” in the same way God gave Moses His name in Exodus 3:14. Jesus’ eternal existence is clear. Again, tying this to what the Jews would have understood about the bread of life, Leviticus 24:5-9 describes God’s instructions to Moses on placing the Bread of the Presence in the tabernacle. For the most part, only the priests were able to eat this bread. Here, Jesus is inviting ALL to partake.

Bread is a staple of life. A person can survive quite a while on bread and water alone. Our spiritual survival depends on consuming the “bread of life”, which is Jesus, and the living water, which is the Holy Spirit. My mind always goes back to this passage when we say in the Lord’s Prayer, “give us this day, our daily bread”. It is Jesus who must be our daily bread. Scripture tells us to “taste and see that the Lord is good”. It takes a while to develop our taste buds to enjoy certain foods. That is no different when we work at developing a taste for what God has given us in His Word.

Questions:  Do you consume as much of Jesus in Scripture as you consume things of this world?

How is your spiritual appetite right now? Think about whether you are satisfied or hungry and thirsty.

Prayer: Lord, make me hungry and thirsty for your Word that I might be filled with you to overflowing. Amen.

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