Day 2: John 1:3-18

“For the law was given through Moses, but God’s unfailing love and faithfulness came through Jesus Christ…..  He has revealed God to us.”  

I really enjoy suspense stories.   There are the dramatic moments where the main characters face adversity.  There are times of betrayal or despair.  There are times when all seems lost.  There is the pursuit of a noble goal.    But what is so compelling is the moment when the whole story is revealed.  The hero’s plan is made clear.  The path to victory becomes apparent.  There still may be challenges and battles or difficulties but we see the plan.  Things are largely downhill to the end of the story.   

This passage of John refers to Jesus as the Word.  I often thought it rather strange to refer to Jesus as the word.   Don’t get me wrong.   I love words.  The right word for a situation or feeling is like getting just the right piece put in a jigsaw puzzle.   This is partly because words can have rich meaning.    But I think of Jesus as Mediator, Savior, Healer, Teacher.  It seemed strange to take something more intangible and refer to a person that way.

But in this case, Word has a much deeper meeting.   The Greek word “Logos” is the term used in the original text.  It refers to the Whole Truth, the whole revealing of God’s plan.   It also refers to the source of this Truth…    

This points out that it’s hard to keep Jesus’ incarnation in perspective.  Clearly, he came to dwell among us.   But the incarnation is the start of lots more.  This passage should remind us of the long preparation described in the Old Testament.  How God gradually revealed himself through interactions with the fathers of the faith like Abraham, Moses, Joseph, David and the prophets.   But now, with Jesus’ entry into the Roman world, we are at the point of the climax if this greatest story.   Jesus’ incarnation becomes the great revealing of God’s plan to truly and forever, show the way to redeem his creation and to redeem us, as we trust in Jesus.    Like those suspense stories, the plan all becomes clear and visible.   The plan of the suffering servant who is Messiah is revealed.   We see that striving to uphold the law is futile, but God’s plan of Grace through Jesus is the comprehensive solution for us.  And in Jesus, we see firsthand the overwhelming love and care of God the Father.     It’s the whole story, “previously hidden” as Paul says, in Jesus (the Logos) and his work.

Question:   Is there an aspect of God’s whole Truth that you often forget?  Perhaps it’s his grace for those who are clearly unworthy (though we all are unworthy).  Perhaps it’s His Kingship (his is a Kingdom, not a democracy), or is it something else?  Consider how to sharpen your ability to fully convey God’s truth – of grace and sacrificial love.

Prayer: “Lord, we give thanks for your plan to bring us to yourself.  We thank you for the coming of Jesus to live among us and for his sacrifice.  Help me to serve your purposes for me in my everyday activities as I represent your Kingdom.   May I more fully grasp your grace and love for us. “