Day 21: John 7:1-13

Anyone who has ever been disappointed by a clueless and unsupportive family should easily sympathize with Jesus in this passage. His brothers, who not only have seen his works and heard his teaching, but who also have had the benefit of knowing Jesus personally, really don’t get it. They don’t understand his mission or his message. But they do seem to have an agenda of their own that they are eager to see Jesus fulfill, and they try to push him in that direction.

Jesus is unmovable. He has an agenda too, and it comes directly from the Father. Is he at all tempted to try to appease his brothers and gain their approval? It would sure be easier to keep peace in the family and to have your brothers at your back rather than standing against you. It would be nice to have the affirmation of your family. It would be such a comfort to not be walking alone toward certain suffering and death. He had his disciples, yes, but our families are uniquely influential, and being rejected by them is painful.

We don’t really know whether Jesus struggled with this temptation or not. What we do know is that he pursued with unwavering determination the path that the Father laid out before him regardless of what anyone else said, did or thought. He invited others to walk with him, but did not compel them to, and never changed direction if they refused to walk his way.

Question: Have you ever found it hard to ignore the advice of someone close to you when you knew that God had a different path for you?  

Are you confident that God will guide you by his Spirit and help you stay true to his purposes for you?

Prayer: God, you promise wisdom to those who ask it of you. You promise to guide us with your Spirit when we seek you. May we hear your voice clearly in all our decisions and want to follow you more than anything else.

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