Day 26: John 8:1-11

Chapter 8 of John highlights a discourse between Jesus and Jews whom he has met at a temple.  The chapter can be divided into 5 different conversations.  While contemplating over the 5 scenes, I was struck by two ideas:

  1. Each section demonstrates the divinity of Jesus
  2. Each section provides an example of how Jesus-followers should model their own lives in this world

The first passage is a familiar one where the men of the temple bring to Jesus a woman caught in the act of adultery, a crime in those days punishable by stoning.  They ask Jesus what should be done about her, not because they really valued his opinion, but specifically in order to trap Him and find reason to accuse Him.

Jesus refuses to answer their question and instead states that the one without sin should be the first to throw a stone.  And when faced with this point, the men leave, one by one, until the woman is alone with Jesus.  The sinless Jesus then chooses to forgive the woman and blesses her with the charge to go and sin no more.

Jesus addressed this woman’s sin with the authority of God.  Did He choose judgment (which He had every right to do)?  No!  Instead, Jesus chose amazing grace!  Jesus modeled mercy.

Questions:  How do I respond to people I meet in my life who are blatantly sinning?

Verse 1 states that Jesus came from the Mount of Olives, a place where Jesus prayed.  Am I following this example of resting in God’s presence prior to venturing out to meet the challenges of the day?  Am I leaving this place of rest in order to meet challenges?

Prayer: Father, thank you for sending Jesus and giving us Your ultimate gift of mercy.  Thank you for teaching us that Your character is ultimately love.  Thank you for the example of Jesus.  Lord, we know that as Your children, we too have the charge to do the same.  Make us Your examples of mercy to the world.  Stir up Your Holy Spirit within us to recognize our own judgments and tendencies to condemn, convict us and move us to positions of humility in order to follow Your example.  We love you, God, and come before You with these requests in the full power and authority of Jesus Christ.

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