Day 27: John 8:12-20

Light is a necessity for sight.  It is impossible to see without some amount of light.  In today’s passage, Jesus identifies himself as the Light of the world.  His divinity is evident in the authority with which he talks about himself:

  • Vs 12 – Follow Me and not only will you no longer walk in darkness, but you will possess the very Light of life
  • Vs 14 – I know My testimony is true and where I am going
  • Vs 16 – I am not alone in judgment, but I and Father judge together
  • Vs 18 – I testify about Myself, as does My Father.
  • Vs 19 – If you knew me, you would also know My Father

Jesus’ claim to divinity was so strong, the author of John felt obliged to explain in verse 20 why Jesus was not taken right then and there and prosecuted as a heretic (His hour had not yet come).

So what does today’s passage say about how I am to emulate Jesus?

  • I am called to be a Light to this world (vs 12)
  • Jesus did not judge anyone, and neither should I (vs 15)
  • If people see me, they should be seeing the character of God (19).

Questions:  How am I being (or not being) a Light to this world?  And if not, what is one thing that I can do today to help others see the Kingdom of God?

How do I judge others?  Is this something that I have been called to do?  Why or why not?

When people see me, can they see a reflection of God’s character?  In what ways?  What is one change that I can make that would allow those around me to see one aspect of God’s character?

Prayer:  Lord, I am sorry for the times I have failed to be Your light to this world.  Forgive me for my judgment, and for my failures to reflect Your character.  Thank You for Jesus, for His mercy, and for the mission you have given me.  Show me where I must be Your light today.  Embolden me to follow this direction.  Guide my mind to follow the path of Jesus’ mercy and restrain my own human judgment.  Instead, give me Your insight so that I may be a true reflection of You to those around me.  I speak these words with all of the authority and power and might of Jesus. Amen.

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