Day 28: John 8:21-29

Today’s passage is a dialogue of Jesus trying to say the same thing over and over again in different ways in order to convey this basic point – that Jesus is divine.  He cryptically foretells his own sacrifice (vs 21 and 28), and reinforces again that he could judge and condemn the people, but chose not to because that is what the Father requested of Him (vs 26).  He shares the good news of redemption from death (vs 24) and reinforces who He is and why He does the things he does (vs 28-29).

Ever since first reading this passage, I’ve wondered, “Why, Jesus, were you so confusing to these people?”  Why not just come and clearly tell these folks who you are and what your mission is?

But I have since heard an answer – Jesus answers it himself in John 8:28, “But just as the Father taught Me, I say these things.”  In other words, He spoke this way because that’s what the Father wanted Him to do.  And, it seems to fit the moment – Jesus carefully crafts His words to remain truthful and yet open in such a way to identify seekers—those truly interested in following God’s ways versus their own.

Questions:   How do I relate to people who may or may not be seeking Jesus?  Do I share truth in a way that inspires curiosity?

Jesus taught what His Father taught Him to say (verse 28), and was never left alone because He did what pleased the Father (verse 29).  What am I doing today to learn what the Father wants me to say to others?  Am I doing what pleases God?  Why or why not?

Prayer: Father God, Your gentleness with us never ceases to amaze me!  Even in revealing Your truth, You are respectful and kind – ready to meet us wherever we are at this moment.  Forgive me for pursuing my own agenda instead of Yours.  Help me to live a life that pleases You, reflecting what You want us to say and do to others.  With the authority of Jesus, I pray these things.  Amen.

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