Day 30: John 8:48-59

During this final passage of chapter 8, Jesus makes it so clear that He is claiming to be God, all those around him are ready to stone him for blasphemy after initially calling him demon-possessed.  

This line of thinking reminds me of the C.S Lewis line of reasoning for accepting Jesus as God.  Jesus claims to be God.  How do we assess this assertion?  Either Jesus was crazy (or, as the Jews claimed, demon-possessed).  Or he was lying (essentially an evil person, trying to mislead others).  Or he was actually telling the truth and is God.  And based on the rest of his life, and what He did, the most logical answer is that Jesus really was telling the truth when He said that He was (and is) the I AM.

(For those who have not heard of this I AM reference, check out Exodus 3:13-14).

So how does this passage relate to someone wanting to follow Jesus’ example?  Here are some actions that we can attempt to emulate:

  • Jesus honors His Father (verse 49)
  • He does not seek His own glory (verse 50)
  • He teaches that if anyone keeps His word (The Message says – “if you practice what I’m telling you”), he will never see death (verse 51)

Questions:  What do I think about the idea of Jesus being God?  If He is God and is telling the truth about never seeing death, what am I doing about this?

What am I doing today to practice what Jesus has taught?

Prayer:  Dear God, You are the great I AM.  It astounds me to think that You have had this grand plan in place to provide life to me (and all of humanity) thru Jesus.  Thank You so much for His sacrifice and example.  Thank You for allowing us to know Your character, which is love.  Lord, remind me to not seek my own glory.  Give me the strength to live my life in a way that is honoring to You.  Encourage me with Your example to continue keeping Your word.  Send me Your Holy Spirit to show me how to do that today.  With the name and authority and power of Jesus, I pray.  Amen.

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