Day 31:  John 9:1-12

Two things stand out to me when I read this scripture.  First, the disciples want to know a reason for the man’s blindness – they want someone to blame for this man’s misfortune.  Yes, our sins have consequences, but we have all encountered misfortune that does not make sense. Instead of spending time and energy on looking for a cause, Jesus tells the disciples to look for what God can do with this misfortune.  I am challenged to look for how God can use me – work through me – in unfortunate circumstances. As Jesus reminds the disciples, “to work as long as it is day; night is coming, when no man can work” – my life is too short to spend it figuring out who or what is to blame; I could be part of God’s solution.

The second thing that really caught my attention was some members of the community (who would have watched this young man grow up) denied it was him who was born blind.  Why?  Was it hard to see this man healed of blindness when maybe they had some affliction or problem from which they prayed God to deliver them?  Why him, Lord, and not me?  Would it affect their faith, or reflect on them, for God to heal or bless or answer someone else’s prayer and not theirs?  Was it easier to deny it, rather than struggle with the complexity of faith?


How has your faith been affected when someone near has an answer to prayer and you haven’t had an answer to yours?


How high and wide and deep is your love, O Lord!

So also are your thoughts and ways!

I could never understand the complexities and intricacies

In the pattern of all the life-threads you weave.

But I pray you make me pliant and strong enough

To be used in this fabric you are creating.