Day 32: John 9:13-41

What do we do with the truth?  I think the Pharisees were asking themselves that question when confronted by the healed man’s statement, “One thing I do know, I was blind, now I see.”  They didn’t want Jesus to have the credit – that would go against their beliefs and teachings.  They try everything to discredit this miracle and the one who made it happen.  When that failed, they denounced the healed man and threw him out. What did they do with the truth?  They tried to reason it away, prove it false, and then just walked away from it – ignored it.

What did the formerly blind man do with the truth?  When he is approached by Jesus and asked if he believes in the Son of Man, the healed man wants to be taken to him to worship him.  He wants more of this truth he has experienced in Jesus’ healing.  Jesus then tells his disciples he came for Judgement – to bring everything into the light, shine the light of truth on all so that those who were blind will see and those who see (as the Pharisees saw) become blind.  The Pharisees who saw their own truth and called it God’s truth would become blind – and they did, because they rejected the one God sent out of pride.

“Truth, where it does not soften, it hardens the heart.  Where it does not convert, it sinks into deeper blindness.” – Albert Barnes


As believers, we have had our eyes opened, but can still be blind to certain aspects of ourselves, others or situations.  What truths are God revealing to you?

If you are uncertain about what that might be, what are you walking away from or trying to reason away?


Thank you, Lord, for opening the eyes of my heart,

And enabling me to see my path through life in your light

And not have to grope in darkness.

Continue to shine your truth in my life – even when it may

Be painful to me or difficult to change direction.

Help me to see even more clearly your truth.