Day 34: John 10:16-21

Jesus informs his disciples and others listening that he is also the Shepherd of other sheep, meaning the Gentiles.  He uses the present tense; even though they do not know him – or even of him – he is thinking of them as his sheep.  They will be a part of his fold.  He will be The One Shepherd of all.  All these sheep – scattered by distance, time, culture or language – will be brought into one fold.  They will all go bumping along down the road together, as they follow the one true shepherd.

Thinking about this one fold made up of all kinds of other sheep and the previous verses about how the sheep are known by the shepherd, I’m struck with the thought of how we should know each other.  We strive to become like Christ – the Shepherd – who knows his sheep by name.  Should we then strive to know the rest of the flock as Christ knows us?  This would be impossible – even if we were talking of only one congregation!  But oh, the security of being known by a group of people who recognize you as one of them!  Is that how we see each other, recognizing them as one who follows who I follow?  One who is as defenseless as I am?  One who needs the same protection that I need?


Who at church can I get to know better?

Is there someone whose ideas are different from mine, who I could meet with to just listen to their story?


Father, I ask for your blessing, protection, and guidance

Of your sheep,

The sheep I know and don’t know

The sheep of the worldwide fold,

The Sheep like me and unlike me.

I pray for the ability, through you,

To become one fold, as you intended.