Day 35: John 10:22-42

This passage is so full of concepts about who Christ is and who we are as his followers – concepts that theologians are still arguing and exploring today – that I feel quite overwhelmed! (Thanks, Drew.)

I will say one theme that stands out to me is the way Jesus answers and doesn’t answer the question, “Are you the Christ?” The Jews say, “Tell us plainly” but Jesus doesn’t give a plain answer.  I’ve always felt that Jesus wants us to answer that question for ourselves.  When Peter says to Jesus, “You are the Christ” Jesus agrees, but it’s Peter making the statement, coming up with that conclusion.  So, what questions does this passage prompt me to ask?


Why didn’t the Jews believe, after seeing Jesus do miracles that only God could do?  I always told myself that if I had been one in the crowd following Jesus, I would believe.  Their tradition supports that those performing miracles must be of God or how else can they do such miracles.

Jesus said, “You don’t believe because you are not my sheep.”  What exactly was Jesus saying about them?  Were they not “chosen” to believe? or did he know that they would choose to not believe – that they would never recognize him for who he is?

How ironic that the Jews earlier accused Jesus of being a man, making himself out to be God.  Wasn’t Jesus both God and man at this point?

Further along, Jesus says, “The Father is in me and I in the Father.”  Think about what Jesus prays, later in the book of John, for his disciples – that they become one, as he and the Father are one.  What does that mean to you?


Father, I can’t even begin to grasp

All the laws of physics, nature, and biology

That you tore apart to send Jesus to this earth,

Let alone explain it.

And I am a small, fragile ephemeral being

To contain your spirit.

Sometimes I feel as if I understand nothing!

But in my heart – somewhere beyond understanding –

I heard a voice that I know to be true and trusted –

Your voice.

Keep that alive in me! When doubts and the world assault me.