Day 37: John 11:7-16

The Disciples Deal With Doubt

The fears of His disciples are really unfounded, given who Jesus is.  Nevertheless, Jesus speaks to His disciples in terms they can understand and accept at the moment. When you boil His words down to their simple meaning, Jesus would be saying something like this: “What are you men worried about? There are twelve hours of daylight in the day, and the rest of the time it is dark. Men don’t travel at night because it is dark and they can’t see where they are going. We will be traveling at night. We won’t be seen, and thus no one can harm us. If I am the ‘light of the world’—and I am—then we shall have all the light we need.  As long as I am with you, you can safely travel at night, when others would not think of doing so.” Jesus finds it necessary to speak plainly to His disciples, so He tells them that Lazarus is dead.  He adds that He rejoices in the fact that He is not at Bethany. His absence, He tells them, is for their benefit. His delay has been by divine design so that they might believe.  It is apparent that the faith of the disciples continues to grow.  Jesus then challenges His disciples to accompany Him as He goes to Lazarus.  He was glorified by the death of Lazarus because it provided the opportunity for Him to demonstrate His power and it also gave those whom He loved the opportunity to exercise their faith. Now, we would expect Peter to be the spokesman for the disciples here, rather than “doubting Thomas.”  However, Thomas reluctantly agrees to accompany Jesus to Judea and urges his fellow-disciples to do likewise.  And if “doubting Thomas” is willing to accompany Jesus, who of the other disciples is going to raise a word in protest? If Thomas can make this trip, then anyone can. And so, they do.



Do you ever find yourself doubting?

Do you doubt that God is anywhere in sight, and feel that Christ has died and left you, and you are alone, and it is a dark night?

What to do?


Father, teach us to act on what we do know about You, and, Your goodness, and trust You in faith for what we don’t know.

In Jesus Name