Day 39: John 11:37-44

Jesus Speaks With Authority

What if you were at school and another student came up and said, “You need to give me your book.”  Would you give him your book? Probably not!  But what if the student came up to you and said, “The teacher said I need to collect everyone’s math book.”  Then you would be much more likely to give the student your book?  What’s the difference? In the second approach, the student was speaking with the authority of the teacher.   That’s how having the authority works!

The Bible says that when Jesus taught, people were amazed because He taught with authority.   Jesus claimed great authority, and then demonstrated it throughout the course of His earthly ministry.

His teaching was different than any other teaching.  Jesus could have spoken the word and healed Lazarus from a distance But Jesus makes it clear that He has some higher purposes for this sickness and death, namely, for God’s and His own glory and for the disciples’ and the sisters’ increased faith.   Jesus deliberately delays coming to Lazarus until after all hope of saving his life is long gone.  He is not just dead, he is good and dead.  And it is not until this point in time that Jesus comes to Bethany, where He will raise Lazarus from the dead.   The power of God was seen on that day to be not only greater than sickness, but even greater than death itself.   Jesus’ prayer was intended to demonstrate that the miraculous raising of Lazarus is something that the Father does through the Son.  It was a public testimony to the fact that the Father hears the Son, demonstrating His power and glory through Him.  Jesus cries out in a loud voice, “Lazarus, come out!”  And, because he speaks with authority if He had not specified “Lazarus,” every dead body in the region would have arisen from the dead.   Lazarus emerges, still wrapped up in his burial attire.


Is there a tomb that Jesus is calling you out from? Is there any part of your life that you want to keep hidden behind a stone?

Who gave Jesus this authority which he has today, and did he not always have this authority even in eternity past?

How much authority is included in “all authority in heaven and earth”?

What does this confidence in Christ’s total authority unleash in the lives those who really believe this?


Thank you, our Father, for this encouraging word, this reminder of the mighty power of our Lord, he who is Master of life and of death.

In Jesus Name