Day 4: John 1:35-39

In this passage we see two of John’s disciples join with Jesus.  As I understand it, it was very common in the culture of their time to join up with a rabbi and follow his ways, learning from him.   I’m surprised that there isn’t more said about Andrew and the other disciple’s shift from “John’s team” to be at Jesus’ side.   John clearly had his ministry at a peak.  He’d shut down the criticism of the Jewish leaders.  The earlier days probably pretty alone in the wilderness were past.  Crowds were flocking to be baptized.  It seems like he was in the spotlight.   And though John explained who Jesus was, there had been lots of claimed messiahs in the preceding years for generations.   And all had proved to be false, usually ending in catastrophe for themselves and their followers.   But Andrew and the other disciple (likely John the gospel author) were so willing to follow Jesus due to John’s endorsement and his trustworthiness.   Still, they must have had their doubts.   

I know I am often slow to change and follow in a new direction.   I’m slow to ask “God are you really in this new direction for me?”  Even when lots of things point to a change, I have second thoughts.   But I think it’s important that we realize that seeking him is the most critical part.   We aren’t intended to have all the answers.  That would mean we wouldn’t need to seek and listen for God regularly – which builds our relationship with him.    

But sometimes I do get it right, and ask for and sense God’s leading.   And step into his better path.   The good that comes seems amazing – answered prayer, seeing Him at work in things and the sense of obedience and affirmation that comes from following his intended path

Question:  When have you last spent time seeking to listen to God for direction.   What spiritual disciplines (like prayer, fasting, scripture meditation) have you found useful to help you hear from God in the past

Prayer: Lord, help me to seek you in the everyday course of my life as well as in the major decisions.  Help me to seek you not as a last resort but in daily direction.  Give me the courage to move into new directions that if they will serve you best.  Guide me, Lord today.