Day 49: John 14:18 – 24

When I first traveled outside the US, I remember the excitement of getting off the plane in a different country, going through customs and finding our hosts.  We were taken in a van for a drive of nearly two hours.  The van was alternately quiet as we gazed out the windows and filled with nervous chatter about what was to come.  Darkness fell before we arrived at our destination and I noticed the lack of lights in the countryside around us.  We were ushered into a dimly lit, seemingly run-down cafeteria for dinner.  All of a sudden a feeling of lostness swept over me as I strained to hear English being spoken.  I felt abandoned for a brief moment.  Lost!  And wondering why I was here.

When I think of what it must be like to be an orphan I’m reminded of these feelings.  It is a great gift to have a family and place of belonging.  It is an even greater gift to hear the words of Jesus as He says “I will not leave you as orphans”.  You will not be abandoned – “I will come to you”.


Have you ever felt lost and abandoned?

Have you been with a group of friends in a large crowd and gotten separated from them?  Was there a moment of panic?

What must it be like to feel that way all the time?


Thank you, Jesus, for not leaving us as orphans.  Thank you so much for living with us – in us – and in those around us.