Day 57: John 16:16-33


Recently, my sister and I cared for my mother for a long weekend.

The caregiver gave us several instructions and I recall feeling overwhelmed, confused and apprehensive as she left.  How like the disciples that last evening with Jesus!

Pray: that the Holy Spirit will open God’s Word

Read: John 16:16-33


Jesus really knows us and understands us: our deepest pain, needs, hopes, fears, joys, desires, temptations, and shortcomings. With this knowledge, He has opened the way wide to the Father, giving us direct access to the Almighty Sovereign God of the Universe! So, go right in and spend time with your Heavenly Father who loves you.  Talk over and hear what He has to say about everything that is on your mind and heart.


  1. What did the disciples do when they were confused by Jesus’ words? What do you do when you don’t understand what God is saying in His Word or doing in your life?


  1. Do you ever tell God how you think He should answer your prayer or fix a problem? Jesus answers the disciples’ problems with promises. What promises do you find in this passage?


  1. Jesus told the disciples that they would desert him even though they were His loyal disciples. What is testing your commitment to Jesus? How does verse 33 help you?


Gracious Heavenly Father, thank you for making me Your own and giving me the joy of having eternal life in You! How wonderful You are to welcome me, Your very own child, into Your throne room to be with You, talk with You, listen to You and Your Words, and receive Your attention and help! You know everything about me and the challenges that I face. Help me to take courage and be filled with Your peace in the midst of life in this world. Amen