Day 58: John 17:1-5


John 17 is often called the High Priestly Prayer and it is one of the longest prayers in scripture. Jesus, our High Priest, prays for Himself in today’s section. Because God works through prayer to accomplish His purposes, begin your quiet time with prayer (e.g., praise, thanks & requests). Request specifically for the Holy Spirit to guide you to understand and apply these Holy words in a fresh and life-changing manner.

Please read John 17:1-5.


Jesus said the time had come, referring to the apex of history when He went to the cross. Obeying His Father, Jesus became the sacrifice: the Lamb of God that takes away sin for us. To accomplish this required Jesus’ complete love, faithfulness, and obedience to God.  What a great proof of the relational nature of our Triune God working in unity! Now we may enter the Family of God. We affirm Jesus’ authority and glorify God when we know Him and obediently complete the work He gives us.


  1. What do you think glorify means? You may enjoy looking in a dictionary. Why do you think Jesus asked His Father to glorify Him and God the Father?


  1. How does Jesus define eternal life? What difference is there between knowing about someone and knowing them?


  1. How did/would Jesus bring glory to God and how specifically does that example encourage or prompt you?


Father in Heaven, you created time and exist outside of time, plus always work at the right time. Thank you for sending your Son to provide the gift of eternal life, and for the privilege to know you and serve You. As you Call me, may you be glorified in my obedience. I pray this in the precious name of Jesus, the Lamb of God. Amen.