Day 60: John 17:20-26


Jesus prays for future believers in this final part of Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer, revealing His desire for us. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would help you clearly see Jesus’ mission and vision for believers before reading His ancient, true and holy words.

In verse 23 Teleios is the Greek word used for the phrase, complete unity, which also means perfection. Read John 17:20-26


Everyone worships something or someone. Atheists certainly do not worship God. Theists and other religions worship god(s) created by mankind. Christians worship the One True God revealed through Jesus Christ, His Son, who also is God. Unity and love among His people provide a powerful witness for Jesus Christ to a hungry world drawn to counterfeits and division. Jesus is praying for you/us now! What a gift! Right now go to His throne of grace and thank Him and tell Him whatever else comes to mind as you embrace a oneness that is part of pure love and is the only source of pure joy.


  1. What does unity between Jesus, God the Father and all believers accomplish? What does it say about the priorities and character of believers and the church? If unity is to reign, what does that mean in your daily life?


  1. Give the purposes or reasons Jesus prayed for future believers to enter into this unity with the Triune God and one another? What degree of teleios do you see in yourself and in our body of believers at CHPC?


  1. What does it mean to you that your High Priest in Heaven, Jesus Christ, continues to help you intimately know the heart, soul and mind of God? How can you apply this insight in a specific way this week?


God Almighty, three-in-one Lord of all, and the only wise God; I worship you alone and no other being or thing. Thank you for the opportunity to have a close relationship with You , my Holy God through Jesus Christ my Savior…(continue on own)…In Christ’s name, I pray, Amen.