Evangelical Renewal & Mission Groups

  • Presbyterian Lay Committee – Formed in 1965 by lay people this advocacy group supports conservative positions in the denomination. Current news updates, commentaries and editorials published online and hard copy as ‘The Layman.’  – http://www.layman.org
  • Presbyterians for Renewal (PFR) – Mobilizing the leaders of PC(USA) congregations to be biblically faithful & missionally minded in their service to Jesus Christ. Best known for Christian Life & Wee Kirk Conferences, Officer and Member training materials, and national renewal events, Network of Presbyterian Women In Leadership (NPWL) and congregational support. – http://www.pfrenewal.org/
  • Presbyterian Coalition – A movement of people committed to life and transformation in the PCUSA by exalting Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church, energizing its congregations, and upholding historic biblical leadership standards. – http://www.presbycoalition.org
  • Presbyterian Pro-Life (PPL) —Calling the Church to renew its historic and biblical stance of opposition to the destruction of innocent human life through abortion. – http://www.ppl.org/
  • One-By-One – Equip and educate the church to minister the transforming grace and power of Lord Jesus Christ to those who are in conflict with their sexaulity. [Developed to work within the PCUSA but now serving other more receptive Presbyterian denominations.] – http://www.faithwebsites.com/oneby1/index.cfm
  • The Presbyterian Renewal Network — “Leaders working together for renewal in the PC(USA)” is no longer active.