Adult Spiritual Formation – August Update

By William Custer

Fall is upon us.  It is back to school excitement for some and a new schedule of Adult Spiritual Formation Classes for all of us at CHPC.  Beginning Sunday, September 10 between the two worship services at 10:10am, we will offer the classes below.  To help us plan we ask that you sign up for classes ahead of time.  Sign up in the Atrium.


Book of Colossians

What purpose did the Apostle Paul have in writing his letter to the church at Collose?  What grace was he trying to impart?  What does this letter say to us today?  Join us as we seek answers to these questions.  Led by Scott Rice at 10:10.   Sept. 10 thru Nov. 5.


How Jesus Formed Community

Mark Evans and Janet Dumford offer this four-week class to explore how Jesus formed community.  How he formed community with the multitudes, with the seventy-two, with the twelve, and with the three (Peter, James, and John).  Learn how each of these has a place in your life.  Hear how God is using them at CHPC. Led by Mark Evans and Janet Dumford at 10:10.  Sept. 10 thru Oct. 1.


Roadmap to Reconciliation

Can we see injustice and inequality in our lives and in the world?  Are we are ready to rise up. But how, exactly, do we do this? How does one reconcile? What we need is a clear sense of direction. Based on her extensive consulting experience with churches, colleges and organizations, Rev. Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil has created a roadmap to show us the way. She guides us through the common topics of discussion and past the bumpy social terrain and political boundaries that will arise.  Class is expected to do weekly reading assignments in Brenda McNeil’s Roadmap to Reconciliation and be ready for discussion.  Led by Helen Brooks and Fran Kelley at 10:10.  Sept. 10 thru Nov. 5.