The following classes will be offered on Sunday morning at our 10:10 am hour, beginning April 23 and running through May 28,all are welcome!


Psalms:  Prayers of the Heart.  

A 6-week study using selected Psalms that help us pray through troubles like fear, doubt, fear, and other trials we face. The Psalms show us how to relate to God as we pray our doubt, fears, and anger. They show us how to respond to God in praise. Here we find the best place to explore who we are and what God means to us.  No book is required, but please bring a Bible and a notebook.  Led by Fran Kelley.


Reading the Bible through Trinitarian Lenses

Awaken to the richness of the unity (sameness) and distinctiveness of each Person of our Trinitarian God, as described in Scripture.  Based on material by Dr. Bruce Ware who is professor of theology at Southern Seminary.  Led by Scott Rice.


Caring for God’s People

This group will discuss practical ways to come alongside people in times of joy and suffering.  Led by Jeanne Schneider.


Life and Teachings of Jesus

Get a birds eye view of Jesus’ ministry.  He gradually corrected misconceptions of His day about the Old Testament Law, about the Messiah, and about God the Father.  Focus will be given on how Jesus offered miracle and fulfilled prophecy and finally his own resurrection as evidence that He is the Son of God.  Led by William Custer.