Day 5: John John 1:40-51

Have you even watched a young child receive a gift with great delight? After opening it, they run around the house showing it to each person they can find, describing the key features, waving it in the air, with joy and happiness pouring out of their eyes and mouth! Each spectator gets a fresh retelling of how the toy spacecraft is just like the one in the movie and where all the lasers are located. Or each person is told the story of a doll’s life and history and her favorite things.  

I doubt that Andrew or Phillip actually squealed like a child as they immediately shared with Simon Peter and Nathanael who they had met – Jesus.  However, we can sense their urgency and excitement as they told the others that they had met Messiah.  I’m sure they were excited for themselves but they had a joy that they couldn’t contain. The promise of hundreds of years was right before them. They sensed God plan coming to a climax.  (Though they clearly misunderstood that it would be quite different than they could imagine.  No overthrow of Rome and military victory. No gilded throne would be in the future of Jesus – not on earth. But they would witness a more startling victory – over death itself and reconciliation to God of both Jew and Gentile through Jesus). I wonder what keeps us from talking about knowing Jesus with the same excitement and urgency of Andrew and Phillip as they drew others to Jesus.

As I write this, I’m thinking ahead to a dinner tonight. I know I’ll encounter some two neighbors who are clearly not living according to God’s best design.   I’ve been rather dreading it – how to relate to folks with a very different worldview. I want to build trust.  But I’m not sore if and How to bring Jesus into the conversation. I’ve realized that this example of Andrew and Phillip is part of the key.  I’m not at all sure how it will go. But if I can show that we live curious lives (by the world’s standards) and that we are trustable people that are seeking to follow Jesus with excitement and enthusiasm, then I’m hopeful that the Holy Spirit will show up in whatever way he chooses to engage hearts.    

Question:   Do you have in mind a story of how God has transformed you (not your testimony but a way in the past several years that God has been at work in your personal life)? They world longs to hear these stories in this post-modern world that is more focused on experiences than truth. Think about one or two personal stories of transformation. Write it down. Practice telling it to a friend or family member so you will be prepared when a person needs to hear why you follow Jesus.

Prayer:  God, please show me how to build trust with those who don’t know you.  And help me be able to see, and clearly describe ways you have been at work in transforming me that it may bring you glory.