Jesus commanded his followers to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28.19) so that people “from every tribe and language and people and nation” (Revelation 5.9) will one day worship joyfully before His throne. College Hill Presbyterian Church supports about twenty cross-cultural Christian workers in about a dozen different countries and the US. Though their cultural contexts and ways of serving differ widely, they all share one goal: to bring the love of God through Jesus Christ in both word and deed to people who don’t yet know of God’s redeeming love for them.

Most of our global workers have been sent out directly from CHPC, and all keep in touch with us regularly. We support them with finances, friendship, and prayer. When they visit Cincinnati, look for them in services and in the Fireside Room between services. After second service the World Mission Team hosts a potluck lunch where there is time for more relaxed fellowship, more detailed information on their work, and prayer. All are welcome! Watch the Sunday morning bulletin for details.

There are (at least) four ways God may call you to help bring the good news of Jesus to people of other cultures:

  • PRAY
    • that God will bless our cross-cultural workers with spiritual, emotional, mental, relational, and physical health.
    • that God will connect them with the people He is preparing to hear the good news of Jesus.
  •  GIVE
    • hospitality, encouragement, active listening, and practical assistance during visits, and (security-sensitive) communication by letter or email between visits.
    • financially through donations to their sending agencies, and through our CHPC Global Worker Christmas Gift collection (look for red envelopes near the Fireside Room during Advent).
  • SEND
    • by encouraging other Christians to develop their spiritual gifts as you practice yours, modeling openness to God’s guidance for your own life.
    • by learning about needs and opportunities to serve in other cultures and sharing these with people who may be prepared to meet them. Watch for mission-related Formation Hour classes Sundays at 10 a.m.
  • GO
    • to meet local international students through International Friendships, Inc. Check out or contact Pat.
    • to assist local refugees at Northminster Presbyterian Church on Friday mornings. Contact Robin Riechel through CHPC 541-7829.
    • and be a blessing wherever God sends YOU!

Urbana 2018

Scholarships are available from CHPC and the World Mission Team to attend URBANA, a gathering of college students and recent graduates, interested in learning about how God is working in the world and to see how you might join Him. URBANA is sponsored by InterVarsity this December 27-31, 2018 in St. Louis, MO. It will include Bible study, Seminars, Global Speakers and 250+ Mission Organizations and Seminaries represented. Many people in CHPC, both young and old, have attended an Urbana Mission Conference at some point in their life. To learn more about the conference, visit The scholarship covers the $515 early registration fee for the conference including 4 dinners. Each student would be responsible for housing, transportation and other meals. If interested in the scholarship, please contact Robin Riechel,

Rev. Harold “Chappie” Chapman

If you’d like to celebrate the life and ministry of Rev. Harold “Chappie” Chapman, please visit to see the memorial service and contribute to the memorial fund.

If you have any questions about missions at CHPC, please contact Mary Sue at 541-7829.