Worship Service

In light of the COVID-19 health crisis (learn more about how this affects the church here), our worship services will be recorded and run live on Facebook.  If you miss them on Sunday morning you can catch them later on this page.

Please note that the worship times are different than in the past. Singing for the first two services will be done outside in the parking lot between the two services. This allows us to still have singing as a part of our worship while keeping it outdoors. As a result, the indoor portion of the service will be condensed. We have also added a 5-6pm Sunday evening service. This additional service time provides the space necessary for all who wish to attend to do so while maintaining safe social distancing practices. The upcoming service times will be as follows:

  • 09:00AM – 09:45AM   First Service  (Sanctuary)
  • 10:00AM  – 10:15AM     Songs of Praise (outside)
  • 10:30AM  – 11:15AM      Second Service (Sanctuary)
  • 05:00PM – 06:00PM  Third Service (Fellowship Hall)

We are asking people to make a reservation so we can prepare to provide the best worship experience while maintaining social distance protocols and everyone in your group must wear a mask at all times. You will receive an email with your assigned seating the Friday before Worship.

Please do not attend if you are feeling ill or feel it is still too early for you to venture out to a public gathering. We will continue to video the services and show them on Facebook Live and YouTube for those unable to physically attend. In God’s timing, we will all be able to worship together in person!

Watch the entire service below or click here for sermon audio only.