Mission, vision, values

The Mission and Vision of CHPC: To Be A Church Without Walls

College Hill Presbyterian Church is continuing to be transformed by the hand of our Lord. Throughout our history this congregation has strived to faithfully follow God’s lead.

In 2010, CHPC’s Session gave this vision,
“To individually and collectively engage in a VIBRANT relationship with Christ.
Out of this relationship, we will build a DYNAMIC community of believers that will reach out beyond our walls.”

This happens when we are…

As a church without walls between us and one another.
Looking like Heaven –
Focused on working together and loving each other as we seek to be
a multi-cultural community of faith.
Reconciling to God our Father and one another, we pursue relationships
across race, economics, and generations.
John 12:34-35

As a church without walls between us and the world.
Loving like Heaven –
Focused on sharing how we have seen, heard, and experienced the love of Christ
with those that don’t know him, wherever the Spirit leads.
Surrendering to God we are being equipped to serve in the manner of Jesus
where we worship, work, play and live.
Matthew 22:39

As a church without walls between us and God.
Living like Heaven –
Focused on spiritual growth and the development of our capacity for gratitude.
Worshipping and glorifying God, we discover the joy of the Spirit
that pervades all of our life, together and apart.
Matthew 22:37, John 15:10-11

Our Prayer
Heavenly Father,
Make us into Your community for Your glory.
Connect us in Jesus no matter our differences.
Lead us to Serve the world like Jesus no matter the cost.
Help us to Celebrate You no matter the circumstances.
We need You, Holy Spirit, to empower us for greater works than Jesus.